When life gives you lemons, you get free iced tea later.

I’ve been eternally wanting to make my layouts with that nice, filmy effect but every time I use opacity in my stylesheet, the whole column becomes half-transparent including the contents, which just sucks. I just wanted to change the background, not the text! And then yesterday, I discovered PNG.

It’s been staring at me in the face for years but I never thought about it until last night. *growls* I can be so stupid.

How come no one tells me these things!? Probably because I never ask? Anyway, here‘s the product of my latest t00bage.


I was so angry last night that I threatened to quit and leave for good after winter. Maybe my temper is getting worse or it’s just another result of my hormones. I hate having ultra-long waterfall periods. But I love that women could always use our hormones as an excuse.

And then this morning, I got free iced tea coupons from different people within the same hour.

Hmm… not bad. I can be so shallow. 🙂 Hahaha!


Yahoo will not let me log in, proving that it’s still crapola even after all that “unlimited email storage” fanfare.

Gmail still has it.


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