I have self-pity moments. Scratch that. I throw one-woman complaining parties. I grumble, protest, find fault with everything and declare myself to be the unluckiest, ill-fated individual on earth.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Yesterday, I looked for Shine and found her having lunch with her fiance, Jeff. Jeff and I exchanged a grand total of two words and three waves in the past but as soon as he saw me, he launched into a speech that required me to drag a chair and sit while Shine listened, eating her orange. Basically, Jeff said that:

  • I had nice Viking shoes.
  • KSA is the most godawful, boring, abnormal country on earth.
  • People here do not mind their own business and think that they can dictate the activities of other people’s vaginas/penises.
  • Every foreigner who comes here has a fresh start so men go around gallivanting and hiding the wife and five kids they have back home.
  • This place sucks the spark out of you. (I wholeheartedly agreed.)

He said that cuteness transcends age, and it was way better than hotness. He also said that I was cute. I was so charmed that I invited him to my party on the spot and urged Shine to marry him ASAP or else. 😀

Which brings me to this moment where I am very, very close to falling into another pit of self-pity. In an effort to cheer myself up, I think about the one thing in this place that I love: SHAWARMA. Authentic, aromatic, declicious shawarma.

And the two best places to get them from are:

  • The place that used to be called Rose fast food in Batha. It’s located right beside Manila Plaza, next to where the Queens bakery used to be. They have amazing garlic sauce. Don’t forget to ask for double bread.
  • Abou Kamal restaurant. The bread is flatter and crunchier than usual. Always buy two, one is simply not enough.

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