Maybe we’ve been eating too much "bacham"

Last night during Tito Ruel’s birthday dinner, Dad told us his tummy hurt. Tita Dina gave him tea and he sat down in a quiet corner, thinking it would go away. An hour later, he was wracked in pain, pale, and could hardly stand. Maribel took his blood pressure and told us it was much too high. Babes, a reflexologist, tried to help him. Dad started throwing up so we decided to bring him to a hospital.

Jovett, Babes and I piled into Tito Ruel’s car with Dad (Baby Renee wanted to come) and we went to Dar Al Shefa’s ER. The reception service was mind-numbingly slow but we eventually got to see a doctor and he told us that it was colitis. Dad received painkillers and meds and we finally went home at around 1 AM.

We were lucky that when it happened, we were in Tita Dina’s house, with a lot of people present who could help, and not at home with just the two of us. God was certainly watching out for Dad last night.

Dad’s a lot better now and the pain is gone.

On another note, I was surprised to receive a text from a friend of my ex after five to six months of virtually no contact. We weren’t even close, but he was always nice to me. He said he was thinking about all the nice people he met here and I came to mind. How sweet. 🙂

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