Mini 5-minute dreams

I have to deliver a talk this morning, which means… I have to wake up early. On a weekend.

On moments like these, I did the thing that millions of people do: overuse the snooze button.

Dream #1

I’m a single mother moving to another continent. I just boarded a ship (a ship?!) with my baby daughter when-

Alarm sounds @ 6:45 AM.

Dream #2

I’m a rich eccentric who runs into a kid in NYC. In a fit of generosity, I give him 1000 dollars and quickly regret it after I suspect that he just might use it for drugs.

Alarm sounds @ 6:51 AM.

Dream #3

I’m in a tropical island, fanning myself with a wide-brimmed hat and-

My brother Jiko calls even before the alarm rings. I was forced to recite the specs of my laptop. Apparently, Mom just told him about the new one.

Alarm eventually sounds @ 6:57 AM. Rather anti-climatic.


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