I remembered, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know if I should.

Until he reminded me. Which was sweet.

So I said:

It’s been more than a year. We met last September 29 ’06. And we first kissed in your dining room on October 6 of last year. Belated happy anniversary! Mwah! 😀

Talaga? (Really?) You love me always. I thought you would be the first to forget, and that it would happen soon after you left. I’m glad to know that you did not. I love you lagi. (I love you always.)

It’s funny constantly communicating with an ex. Because we are exes, in a sense. What else would you call it?

I’m good with remembering dates. And numbers. In five days, Ina will turn 25. In twelve days, Dad will turn 48. In 23 days, Elaine and I will be having our joint party. And in 25, I’ll officially turn 24.

I’m getting old. Haha. 🙂


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