Siblings: Typical Phone Calls

The Brother
Name: Jiko
Age: 17
Job description: College freshman, couch potato
Motto: My older sister is an ATM.

*phone rings*
Me: Hi Fat.
Jiko: Ateeee… don’t call me Fat. I’m not a fat baby anymore.
Me: Okay. “Fuluwee” then.
J: Not Fuluwee!
Me: Hahaha!
J: Ate, my 1000 pesos?
Me: Er…
J: And I need a new printer. HP, don’t forget. And tell Dad to buy the Norton 360 for my laptop.
Me: How’s school?
J: Okay. Oh, didn’t you say that you’d pay for my DSL? I can’t wait to download anime.
Me: Um, yes, I think.
J: Maybe we can switch laptops. 🙂 You can give me the newer one.
Me: *panics and hangs up*

The Sister
Name: Sofia
Age: 2 1/2
Job description: Household baby, pest, and know-it-all
Motto: All things are for baby.

*phone rings*
Sofia: Helloooo!
Me: Hi baby!
S: Hi Ate! Mom and baby went to SM. Kuya Jiko stayed here. Kuya Jiko pangit. *sniggers*
Me: *lol* What are you doing?
S: Watching Pooh. Oh… oh!!! No more Tigger and Pooh! Byebye!
Me: No, wait!
S: Talk to Teddy Bear. *holds phone to bear*
Me: *attempts to make conversation with stuffed toy*
S: KOKEY!!! Byebye now, Ate. Luv you! *kisses phone and hangs up*



Ate = older sister
Kuya = older brother
SM = a popular mall chain
pangit = ugly
Kokey = a popular children’s TV show featuring a friendly alien that looks like lumpy soil


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