You know you’re an Insider if…

… you have this type of conversation with people:

Me: We were planning to get ____’s to cater for our party.
Saf: That’s owned by R’s family.
Me: You mean the R who was C’s boyfriend circa 1997-99?

Feeling Lara Spencer.

Or remember people according to crushes:

Me: *Reads J’s post*
Me: Dr Jones? Is he the one who works with my favorite former NS chief resident? hehehe.

As for this bloggy, yes, it has a new layout. The last one, Misty, was pretty but it was so calm, so serene, and so zen. In short, it was the antithesis of me, muahaha! So the Misty layout is available here for anyone who wants to use it.

How typically Pinoy of me–bringing out the Christmas colors just because the months ending with -ber have arrived.


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