A new thinspiration

I have a new thinspiration: Thandie Newton.

I was watching Norbit, of all films, and she just looked so gorgeously slim that I melted with envy on the spot. If this doesn’t make me lose 10 pounds in a month then I don’t know what will.

I found this meme on Leah‘s blog and since I have nothing else to do (in between folding laundry haha), here’s a screenshot of my notebook’s desktop:

click photo for a larger view
The desktop image is “Sale” a photo by Cahilus from deviantART. My sidebar shows a clock, a CPU meter, a slideshow of my photo albums, a magic 8-ball, and a sudoku game.

Now I tag YOU to show off your desktop.


2 thoughts on “A new thinspiration

  1. Hi, just pased by to know your blog, congratulations.

    Cheers from Spain,

    Private blog.
    Send an email with your nickname, your blog’s name and your url to be added.

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