Pain is a Pilates-stressed back

I’m still in my Prison Break phase. I’ve decided that I’m really in with Michael Scofield, the character, and not Wentworth Miller, the actor. Why? Scofield has real tattoos. 🙂 And he could break me out of prison.

I still love my Sunday cardio and Tuesday pilates lessons. But last night I think I nearly broke my back because I could hardly move this morning. Even after copious amounts of muscle pain cream, I still can’t bend properly and would have to shuffle like an old lady for the next two days. I swear, Tita Fe, our instructress, is so hyper that she can out-exercise anyone I know! Even Ina!! If I ever acquire a mortal enemy, I’ll give her/him free gift certificates to Tita Fe’s cardio and pilates classes, muahahaha!

But Dr Areej said I lost weight. Yay! One can never be too ana. big hug

I have my weekend assignments all lined up:

  • Finish editing Tricia’s story.
  • Finish the other half of my vignette, Ordinary.
  • Get the sketchpad out and go somewhere with a more inspiring view.
  • Finish reading the last few pages of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose and post a review.
  • Read Mark Haddon’s A Spot of Bother and post a review when I’m done. (Thanks, J!)
  • If the back feels better, run for an hour on Thursday evening.
  • Cook tuna, olives and mushroom pasta.
  • Do my laundry before it starts a revolution.

and last but not the least…

  • Watch more Prison Break!

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