dee dee dum dum

I made another layout, but it’s for Vinz this time. Lookie! 🙂 I was so productive last night that I made another one right after: Pool.

I like doing these stuff when I’m indoors with nothing to do. Especially when I run out of reading material or sketch paper. Learning basic html & css is easy, one can get the hang of it in one afternoon! The perfect site for a non-ubergeek like myself?

Lissaexplains [dot] com.

Yes, it’s a website for kids. 😀 I still check it every once in a while when I forget how to do things.

I can hear Dad cooking in the kitchen. *groans* I could never ever start dieting. Witholding yummy food is equal to torture. Now I better do some Pilates to get me ready for tonight’s lesson.


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