Supersize Me

Why–in the age of high-speed DSL, broadband and satellite internet–do I still use a slow, overpriced dial-up service?

I don’t know. You can ask my interactive magic 8-ball, the one that suddenly developed an attitude.

Last night, I woke Dad up at exactly twelve midnight and informed him that it was absolutely imperative that we go to McDonalds stat. I recited my arguments in favor of that action:

  1. My stomach says it’s time for Dinner #2. I never eat the same food within the same day.

  2. It’s Ramadan and if we wait ’til morning, every resto would be closed until 6pm and I would die of starvation.

  3. I was watching Prison Break where Officer Belleck sat there eating a cheeseburger and dipping his fries in milkshake. I’m very receptive to the power of suggestion and if that bad-tempered jailcop could eat fastfood, then I don’t see why I can’t.

  4. I’ll pay.

Apparently, #4 was enough for Dad and we were in the car, speeding to the golden arches, within five minutes.

Me: Two double cheeseburger meals, upsize the fries and drinks and change them to diet cokes*, please. Do you have milkshake?

*No matter how much I pig out I always order diet soda because I’d rather eat the calories. Aspartame can be addictive, too.


2 thoughts on “Supersize Me

  1. I love the BIG servings here. Hehehe. that’s why I’m never really skinny, because I refuse to diet. I just pretend to. =)

    Order Champ, or double burgers.

    And why can’t you drink milkshake???

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