She just had to burst my bubble

Trish: Before you fall for Wentworth even deeper like I
did…I should tell you…he’s gay. And is dating a hot guy at the moment. Waaaaaah! I wish I were a gay guy na tuloy. Damn it!

Steffi: Wentworth? Gay?



*jumps off the nearest building*

How could I possibly watch Prison Break now!!??? WAH!
All my fantasies! All my future children with Wentworth!

*sobs violently*

And because I was so depressed, I managed to make a pretty layout for Trish using the photograph she sent me (“Change” by Gilad).

I realized that I might lose all the stuff and designs I make for my friends and myself so I decided to make this journal to collect them all:

They’re not complete as there are layouts that I’ve lost. But I’ll try to keep this one updated.

ETA: I must be the last to know!

Very very good sources reveal exclusively to that Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller is dating fellow yummy actor Luke McFarlane. Read more…

My heart is in pieces.


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