You are ze corned beef to me

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I was reading an article written by Bugs Bunny (yes, ze wabbit) last night and I came across this quote from Pepe le Pew, the ultimate malodorous Casanova, delivered to one of his demi-mondes:

You are ze corned beef to me, I am ze cabbage. Ze cabbage does not run away from ze corned beef.

No one else could come up with a better romantic line. laughing

I was sick since Wednesday because of my stubborn insistence to go jogging in the midst of a sandstorm. Now I’m coughing up phlegm that has the viscosity of mashed potatoes. The sacrifices we have to endure for an anorexic body.

But I didn’t let my budding flu symptoms get in the way of my social life. I popped pseudoephedrines last Thursday night and attended two parties: one was Wena’s baby’s birthday event, and the other was Joie’s party in the Ambassador’s residence. Jovett, Elaine, Tin and I had to do a fast outfit-change in between.

I managed not to sneeze at anyone even while I was painting their faces during the kid’s party. Yay for modern drugs!


3 thoughts on “You are ze corned beef to me

  1. I wish I could be as smooth as Pepe le Pew. 🙂 Sick and still attending parties? Why not?! Lol!

    Take care and hope you’re gonna be fine. Better days ahead! 🙂

  2. JJ! Hi! =) For a while I couldn’t access your blog and I was wondering if you changed links but I see that it’s okay now.

    I’m getting better, maybe watching a Heroes marathon is better than aspirin.

  3. Yup. That’s because i already deleted my blog. Seriously. OH, and if anyone asks. I’m officially dead.

    Goodie. Sept 24 season 2 of Heroes starts. Take care of yourself 🙂 and good luck with the party.

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