Put Tang in a glass talaga.

The above expression totally belongs to Chuvaness. I gacked it because it eloquently describes my current situation: neck-deep in departmental sh1t.

But before we get to that nasty business, here’s an example of my dorkiness:

After browsing through a Multiply blog entry…

Me: What does AMP mean? 😀 I know. I’m so behind again. Hahaha!
Janis: heheh 🙂
Me: I know! I know! I’m so t00by. 😀
Janis: It’s short for AmPoot@.

Maybe I should swear more often. Just kidding.

Anyway, I’m being sprayed with office excrement because I made a minor technical mistake (that has been discussed and resolved with a bigger boss) related to a silly issue that bloomed into an even sillier controversy and some semi-bigwig is asserting that I did things because I had a personal vendetta and/or because I was an incompetent, stupid person who doesn’t know the difference between A and B. I spent the morning being bullied and answered two stupid phone calls by speaking softly and politely because I refuse to be insulted by someone who asks me to edit his grammar in his presentations. The crapola has now been elevated to the Chairman’s desk and they’re going to have a major meeting about it. Whoopee! I’m so lucky.

Sarcasm is so lost on this person. I’m not mad at him, I just wish he’d grow up.

I’m suddenly curious about how his wife could stand him. If this is what boys morph into after 25 years, then I’m never getting married.


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