Arranged marriage with a wild party and lots of singing

I had a really weird dream the other night:

As a young teenager who looked exactly like Jackie O, I married a boy who was much younger than me. (Do I detect shades of Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XIII here?) We lived together and we got along okay but since I saw him as a child, I jumped from one miserable affair to another until I reached my mid-twenties. Then I suddenly had a epiphany and realized how amazing my husband was and stopped cheating on him.

One day, I met up with my friend, Tricia, who is really close to me in real life. We walked around and passed an open gymnasium where a public singing contest was held. We fell in line and waited for our turn. (By this time, I was so sure I was dreaming because even the oldest neighborhood cat during mating season could sing better than me.) Around ten minutes before my number, I realized that I didn’t have a song! I panicked so Trish quickly dictated the lyrics of “Remember Me This Way” for me to memorize.

(The Casper theme song? Devon Sawa? Please!)

After the contest, we were invited to an after-party in some posh resort. On our way, we passed a boutique where the mannequins on display were all headless, naked and bloody.

The party was an outdoor one. It was late and everyone was pretty smashed by the time we arrived. We ran into two older European-looking guys. One of them said something excitedly, hugged Trish, and attempted to make-out with her. (LOL) Trish pushed him away slightly, saying that it wasn’t really the appropriate time and place. The guy started saying something about the fun they had in some place in the past and that it must’ve meant something to her. They disappeared to somewhere more private and I was left to talk to this other guy who couldn’t speak a word of English. (Déjà vu? Not really. He looked nothing like Gi.) Our eyes met over our respective cosmopolitans. We sneered in unison, turned away and looked for other entertainment in the crowd.

Also, there were prize ribbons, a large cream leather couch, and a sewing machine inserted in several places.

I really should think about getting psychoanalyzed.

Next day, because I couldn’t resist…

Me: Hey, do you know the lyrics to Remember Me This Way?
Trish: Yes! *AHEM*
Trish: Every now and then… we find a special friend… la la la la la la
Me: 😀


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