Not politically correct at all

Taken from a quite angry letter from one person to another person in the midst of a conflict where I am not involved in any way (except as a spectator, of course 😀):

“Paumanhin pero masyado pa nga ako magalang sa ‘yo.. kung si Steff ako baka nakarinig ka ng mas walang respeto sa sarcasm niya when she talks to you.” ^

Hahaha! I love you ******! Thanks for giving me a starring role in your punchline. I guess you could say that I’m not above calling a spade a spade. Or sneering at someone’s face and saying things like [BLEEPING] {BLEEP!}. The staggering lack of common sense in people twice your age can be mind-numbing.

This is giving me a headache. But the whole thing also made me laugh derisively, which can be considered an abdominal workout.

Speaking of workouts, I actually have my running gear in a paper bag under my desk. I have every intention of running after work. That is if I don’t fall asleep first because I don’t know if I can run with just three hours of sleep.

But it’s always the thought that counts.


^ Roughly translated as: “I’m being too polite as it is. If I were Steff you would’ve received a lot less respect and more sarcasm with the way she talks to you.”


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