The (addictive) Story

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was so obsessed with writing that she used to devote every single free minute to that hobby. She’d run home from university excited with all the ideas she couldn’t wait to put down on paper. And this little girl was lucky enough to have supportive friends (in real life and online) with whom she exchanged tips with, shared stories with, and generally bounced stuff off each other.

Because of a lot of reasons, she suddenly abandoned her hobby and fell off the map of her writing community. And she managed to maintain that silence for two years because she never really knew how to come back or start writing again.

But a certain EBiL friend asked for a story. It was just that: a simple request for a link to a story. And our little girl found herself giving in to temptation and contacted a few (more like a dozen) of her old friends and let them know that she had not disintegrated six feet underground yet.

She now feels confused but happy, with three to-do projects on her lap that would keep her busy for a while.


A/N: I miss them all so much! Cath, Heath, Zeddy… the whole lot! Ghad, two years. XD Talked to Cath just this morning and I realized just how much I missed.


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