The flood of awareness

This tell all about your spectacular bad day post from Jessica Zafra’s blog made a few very unglamorous memories float up from the murky depths of my supposedly forgotten student life.


  1. The one where I went peepee

    I was five. And I was running down the outdoor pathway of La Consolacion College, trying to remember where the bathroom was because I had the urgent need to do the number 1. There was only one person there, a woman who looked like someone’s mother. When I was near her, I realized that my bladder had given up the fight and I stopped running and weakly whispered, “I went peepee.” The woman screamed, “Ay umihi yung bata! (The kid peed!)”

  2. The one where I went splat

    Grade school graduation was done and we were just about to collect the photographs. The school, IPSR, was packed. I was so engrossed with playing Tetris that I didn’t see the metal handholds that rose from the concrete above the covered swimming pool. In short: my abaya caught, I went SPLAT! in a very undignified way and, right on cue, a man screamed for everyone to hear, “Ay yung bata nadapa! (Look, the kid tripped!)”

    Believe me, it sounds and feels much worse in Tagalog. Little did I know that I was going to make a repeat performance in a few months, where I nosedived into someone’s dirty Nikes outside the Science Club acquaintance party.

  3. The one with the report

    There was that day where I gave a Lit 101 report when I didn’t even know that I was supposed to give one. So I stood before the class holding the article that I’ve never read and, looking nervously at Dr. Pesigan, started to say:

    “This article was written by Andrea —–, who was a guy.”

    And Dr. P promptly said, “No, she’s a girl. I know her.”


    I’m just so inspired sometimes.

  4. That dratted Philosophy Orals

    Ateneo has an obsession with requiring their students (no matter what their major is) to take lots of humanities units. During the final Philosophy 102 oral exam, I felt sort of ready because I just spent the previous days and nights re-reading all the articles we discussed and internalized for the past semester. All EXCEPT one. I was also absent when that one was taken in class. The exam was a lottery, you take a random piece of rolled paper from the bowl with your question inside.

    Guess what I got? Yup, it was all about THAT thing. Goodbye, A and B. Hello, C+. You know the feeling when you’re standing before your professor and you feel the sudden need to run to the bathroom but you’re trapped?

There are others, but they fall under the X-files. Even Fox Mulder with his cute eyes and hair wouldn’t find them. 😀

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