The Epic

And here is the dreaded post-summer vacation epic of great proportions: How I Spent My Vacation. My kindergarten teacher would be so pleased that I still do this even after 20 years. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • It was crazy, crazy! in the Philippines. We had the little house (nicknamed The Cottage by Jiko and me) renovated and Mom and Dad were eternally busy. I was mainly the babysitter and car-sitter, and Sofia and I played at the back while they oversaw whatever needed overseeing. I offered to pay for the bathroom renovation as it’s the most important room for me, hehe.
  • Finally transferring was a shock. Jiko and I awoke to the harsh reality of rationed water. Water from 4-5! :0 For ****’s sake, my siblings and I were the socialites of water users!!! How can a perfectly nice, private subdivision have a less than perfect water supply? Yes, Dad got a water tank but they actually timed my showers. I sorely missed the myth of unlimited water. But such things are still true in the southern parts of Metro Manila, and we took consolation in the fact that Alabang Town Center was just a stone’s throw away. (Maynilad! I need you!)

  • I went everywhere with Tricia. But our most special lakad was Davao. Her parents were the perfect hosts. Tricia probably told them that the key to making Stephanie happy was to feed Stephanie constantly. ๐Ÿ˜€ The seafood was divine, the beaches were perfect. We went to Samal island and Pearl Farm with her brothers and swam, snorkeled, and made fun of Hot Stuff. So that explains my perfect tan. (I don’t belong to the “only white skin is beautiful” camp.)

  • I met up with a few other friends. I went to visited Kamille in Ateneo, our ex-home. I saw Raissa in Davao. She looked so happy and peachy and, seeing how beautiful Davao is, I don’t really blame her for not wanting to move back to Metro Manila where commuting stress alone could kill. And then, my Riyadh best friend Tina and I finally met again after 5 years. She changed (more beautiful, of course) and yet still remained the same. I missed her so much! We could still spend hours and hours just talking and laughing at ourselves. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My cousins from Dubai were there, too! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together because they were busy with a lot of things, too, like the GK camp. But I haven’t seen Dia, Patty, Vlad (Emerald), and Gabby for a long time so I was so pleased to see them in Pinas. Tito and Tita looked the same, they never age. I need to visit them in Dubai.
  • And, on my way back to Riyadh, I passed by Singapore and stayed there for 6 days. My chica/geek friend Alet lives there now and that was the main reason I even went there. I love Singapore! The people were walking, living anime characters. The fashion! The hair! The clean, clean roads! This is a country where commuting is fun and healthy.

    I lived on Kopitiam food and we walked everywhere: Esplanade, Little India, the National Library, the Art Museum, Fort Canning, Sentosa, and the Chinese Gardens. During gimik night we went to Clark Quay and lost ourselves in the Ministry of Sound, that sacred unwinding station. I found out that shy French boys are wonderful kissers and are less aggressive than Brazilians. (Perfect for me, I hate too-forward, testosterone types.)

And that was basically it. I’m back working now (wah!), preparing to buy another laptop because I gave my beautiful Dell to my brother in an impulsive moment of happiness when he enrolled for university. I’m the big sister of your nightmares/dreams; I alternately torture and spoil. ๐Ÿ˜€

My photos here are so limited. I’ll be updating my Flickr, which is still basically empty, and keep everything there for easy storage. I’m just lazy.

When we turn 25, Tricia and I promised to treat ourselves to a Southeast Asian cruise: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia. I can’t wait, seriously. But for now, I have life to think about.


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