Good intentions are mostly just intentions

I was planning to do some work at home yesterday. But I slept for 13 hours! My record so far is 17 hours and I’ve done this twice, both times during a weekend. Long sleep can cure almost everything. 🙂

There was a brief break during my coma when Dad tried to wake me up so I could eat dinner and I refused to. Eating, reading, partying, and other such worldly vices only come second to sleeping.

I AM GOING HOME TOMORROW NIGHT! YES! I’ve been wanting to go on vacation forever!!! Five-weeks of paid time with no work… *sigh* 🙂

Ze list: (in random order)

1. Get another rebond. And a good cut. The Hair is so long now I look like I’m trying to compete with Marina.

2. See my derma. My blackheads are enjoying themselves too much.

3. See my friends. Party.

4. Go to different places. Pangasinan, Davao and Singapore (aside from Manila) so far on the list.

5. Party again. Maybe get wasted.

6. Buy a hundred books. I’m eternally thankful that books are so cheap in the Philippines.

7. Since my cousins from the UAE will be there, too, I’m gonna take Dia out as promised and maybe Vlad, too. (Is he legal? Oh wait, we’ll be in Pinas! Age doesn’t matter! Haha.)

8. Visit a Gawad Kalinga site and volunteer for a few days. I need to ask Tito Manny about that.

9. Go to the beach when it’s not raining.

10. Do all my *sigh* official stuff. Make sure my land and house payments are okay, straighten out my SSS for voluntary membership, and help Mom with the renovation before I go. Get a new diploma from Ateneo because the one they gave me is wrinkled from all the traveling.

11. Eat in all of the nice places. The traditional Chocolate Kiss and Chef D’Angelo plus all the new ones I haven’t tried yet.

12. Visit Intramuros at least once with my family. Walk all over the place.

There’s also lots of in between stuff including: remember to communicate with Kuchi every once in a while, email my other friends who live in other places, see the rest of the family, and take LOTS of pictures!

I really can’t wait. 🙂


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