My eyebrows are screaming for help

I need to pluck my eyebrows.

Seriously. Especially now that my boyfriend’s 2 continents away and 8 hours behind and I can no longer expect him to clean up my brows with his black (and supposedly machosexual) tweezers (😀), I have to find thirty minutes to do the deed.

I’m quite lucky to be born with non-messy brows. They don’t need any massive construction work and could survive with minimal maintenance. Their major problem is that they curve down slightly in their natural state, giving me a perpetually sad/wawa/meek/nice expression, depending on the situation. I blame my brows for single-handedly upholding my good-girl standing for the past twenty-three years.

And since I’m tired of “Why are you sad, Stephanie?” comments from everyone during moments when I thought I was wearing my businesslike poker look, I’m going to scrounge the house for my Swiss knife. It has tweezers, silly.


3 thoughts on “My eyebrows are screaming for help

  1. Wow. I’ve been gone long enough for you to have a boyfriend 🙂 Is this guy the supah fast pilot? Good luck with you two! mwah!

  2. hey, why don’t you just pluck/shave the damn thing?

    …then use a pencil or was it eyeliners like some people do? 🙂

    i like your blog and i’ll link you up.

  3. JJ,

    Oh, we’ve been seeing each other for 8 months. We were just in denial, and we were afraid to use any labels. Haha! I’d lapse into awkward silences everytime he said “girlfriend” and it took me ages to accept it as it is. =D Yup, that’s the one. Thanks! Mwah!


    Shaving looks bad after just one day. And plucking… Ergh, I’m just so lazy. But I need to do it before the weekend because I’m leaving for my vacation.

    Thanks! I’ll link you up, too. =)

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