She just had to ask

Trish: I had to ask… Why “KUCHI”?
Me: 😀
Trish: The nickname. Don’t tell me KUCHIKUCHIKOO??? Hahaha!
Me: It doesn’t stand for koochie-koo as some people think.
Me: One time, he was gonna take me home. He told me in accented Tagalog…
Trish: Kotse (car)? He mispronounced it?
Me: … “Wait, I have to get my kuchi“. And I was like “what?!” 😀
Trish: Hahaha! I’m a great guesser!

Yes, it means car. I have yet to say kuchikuchi-koo and I probably never will in my entire life. *dies laughing* I break out in hives when exposed to extreme sappiness, but it’s not as bad as my medical reaction to jologs.

My James is sick today. For the uninitiated, James is my Dell Inspiron 6000/2 notebook. (Notebook, not Laptop. I still remember that from my Cybertron days.) Some vile virus attacked my computer and now J is trying to make him well again. *sigh* Electronic quarantine.

That was the only reason why I spent an hour and a half after work surfing the net and checking my mail in the office. So it was totally uncalled for my Dad to freak out big time and accuse me of seeing all these anonymous guys without getting their permission (blah blah blah)… All these sermons even after I specifically told them that “I was at work using the computer. Oh, and I was alone.”

My temper, blood pressure, and anger points all shot up to dangerous levels, which motivated me to cook something at 1:30 am. I was vivisecting the vegetables and seafood with a sharp knife while telling myself again and again that this will be over once I move out of this country.

I don’t mind accusations, but only when they’re true! I’ll confess to bloody murder if you ask me nicely. 😛 But when I’m accused of extreme sluthood when I did nothing but collect geek points in the office, HAH! I’ll fight, scream, and scratch to the death.

I really adore my family. All of them! But constant paranoia over my “safety” gets on my nerves, especially when they forget that one is 23 and not 13. I guess people really do reach the age when you’re much happier not being with them all the time. Distance will make me miss them more.

I received an apology the next day. Hmph. And I’ll be feeding the results of my wee-hour temper blast to my girlfriends by dinnertime. I hope they’ll like my insta-invention: Shrimps with cauliflower, zucchini and corn in mushroom sauce. With extra mushrooms. 🙂


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