Naked Panic

I have to do something very important. I have to remember to take my Mom’s camera, take the film off, make sure that I expose every single inch of it, crumple everything, break it, and throw it away.

Why? Because while I was doing my post-shower ritual (moisturizing, brushing my hair, and basically taking all the time in the world while strutting naked around my room), Sofia was playing with that camera. I could see it flashing but like the stupidly innocent older sister that I am, I thought there was no film in it. After all, who uses film these days when we have a perfectly modern Sony digital?

… Until my Mom later complained: “She took 26 shots! She almost used up the whole 36.”

AHHHH! Mom! Those are 26 shots of me in my birthday suit! So before I horrify some photo shop’s technician or risk ending up in the net showing everything only Kuchi should have seen, I’m going to have to find that film.

And Sofia will no longer be allowed to touch cameras in my presence. 😛 😀


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