On happiness, shopping therapy and bleeding lips

I just discovered that cheering yourself up can be a little challenging when you’re wiping blood from your lips after your two-year-old baby sister throws a bunch of keys at your face. Since fighting back is useless and could even be considered child abuse, I just shaved eighteen years off my age and yelled, “Mooooom! Sofia threw the keys at me!!!” For extra sympathy points, I showed my messy, bleeding lower lip.


Her punishment? A scolding from Mom and confinement to the bed with her bottle of milk. I grinned smugly and felt all the glory of being five again.

I returned to the breast cancer bag bazaar in Jibreen last Wednesday to get a few things for myself and J’s wife. I invited Ina and she brought three more girls who were all delighted with their purchases. I found a basic Fendi for only 100 but what really made my day was the Valentino bag that I got for 300. A bit pricey for the bazaar, but it was so pretty, and almost new, and *so* unique that I grabbed it and didn’t let go. I even found out that it was reversible after I got home.


I now know what shopping therapy means. For an hour, I almost forgot that my Kuchi was leaving that same night and it might be years before I see him again.

But enough about depressing thoughts; I did promise him that I’d try to be happy. 🙂 That promise came second after #1: Always take care of yourself. And then there was #3: Try to communicate. I have another VIP in my global email roll.

Now where was I? Oh yes, I need to have those bags dry-cleaned.


One thought on “On happiness, shopping therapy and bleeding lips

  1. oh you think THAT’S bad?!

    Gabby has become soooo pilyo, that he and i have a daily routine. He takes pics/videos on mom’s phone -of him punching himself. THEN he goes to mommy and tries to frame ME!

    Smart Fermazi babies…mastering the art of blackmailing…

    But I outsmart him and shove him later on..hey, can’t punish me twice under double jeopardy!

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