Not exactly the Botticelli nude I imagined

Dear Blog,

You have a brand new look (again), which I love. And all design credit goes to Nucleus Skins, of course. I nearly got aneurysm from all the tweaking here and there. Not to mention the additional tiny wrinkle and two zits.

♥ your reluctant owner,

Now that I’m only three stomach flus away from my ideal weight, I’ll try to stop complaining for now and stick close to cassia leaves instead. (Eew) 😀

And just because I envy J and his incredible multi-faceted personality

These are the transformations! Yes, they’re all me! Flight attendant, the barf-bags please, thank you.

Horrify yourself @ Face Transformer.


7 thoughts on “Not exactly the Botticelli nude I imagined

  1. Please don’t let me say something bad…please don’t let me say something bad…

    Hi Steph! you look…er, pretty!

    haha plastic 😀

  2. Hahaha! I was passably pretty in the original pic that I used, I think. *lol* That’s why I chose it. I didn’t realize I would look so “fetching” in all my mutations. =D

  3. OMG. I’m soo gonna use this face transformer thingy in a future entry. Thanks Steffi! 🙂 (giggling in excitement)

  4. Hehe. You’re welcome, Misterhubs. =D I have a feeling that you’re gonna do something unusual with it. Can’t wait for that post. =)

  5. Steffi I did the face mutator na!

    I didn’t know I could look so…so…interesting. hahaha

    I’ll post it one of these days! I’ve been on blogging overload lately. I’m trying to limit my posts to just two a day! Geez! So this is what bumming does to a blogger! 😀

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