Marc @ Myspace

I added Marc Jacobs @ MySpace. Yes, the Marc Jacobs. (I love love LVe Marc!) I hope he adds me back. 😀 Thanks to Chuvaness for the link.

I decided to buy a digicam. I finally woke up from my Stone Age slumber and realized that a 2 megapixel cellphone camera is not enough for survival. Of course, buying a Sony/Canon/Nikon number would make me commit to having an actual (and organized) online album. I’m thinking Picasa, Flickr or Multiply. But since I’m such a Google brat, I’m leaning towards Picasa.

I was good the whole weekend and managed to control myself from buying that delicious Swatch, the Mango jeans (my size was sold out), and the Samsonite 4-piece luggage set. Hahaha! My wallet breathed a sigh of relief and I can now justify the digicam to my inner Scrooge.

I can’t wait for lunch break. I’ll spend the hour in the park sketching and escape from the office for once. I have trouble drawing Kuchi’s face. I have this weird complex where I can’t remember the individual features of the guy I like no matter how much I try, but I don’t have a problem with other people. It’s odd how I manage to memorize and forget his face at the same time. 😀 He didn’t know what to say when I told him.

And then he wore a lava-lava to the luau last weekend.

Lava-lava. (noun) A garment consisting of a rectangular piece of printed cloth tied loosely around the waist that is worn by Polynesians and especially Samoans.

Hot guy in a skirt? Oooh… Eyewant. Too bad I couldn’t come. 😛

And just because I adore Misterhubs, vote for him as the G*Spot Blog of the Month. Look for it in the right menu bar and click click click until your digits and body parts fall off! 🙂

EDITED TO ADD @ 10 PM: He added me!


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