Recent Loot

Bloggers gack from one another (from Jessica to Chuvaness to Tricia), so here is a photo of my recent stash.

In reading order:

  1. Eldest by Christopher Paolini. Part 2 of his Trilogy after Eragon. I read this ages ago but I finally got my own copy (paperback because I’m a cheapskate). This book is shared property between my brother Jiko and me and judging by the way it looks, it’s been obviously read and re-read several times even if it was just bought recently.
  2. Going Postal by Terry Pratchett. One of Pratchett’s latest works of genius. I just love Discworld.
  3. To Cut a Long Story Short by Jeffrey Archer. A book of short stories by one of my favorite prose writers. This one proved to be as witty and original as his previous four collections. Archer can reveal complex and often embarrassing sides of man like no one can.
  4. The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier. I bought this book because I adored her The Girl with a Pearl Earring. This work of fiction was based on a tapestry instead of a painting. It’s very bold and reckless and is entirely different from her previous thought-provoking novel. Still a good read during insomnia-wracked nights.
  5. The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. I have no words to describe how much I adore this book. Dunant will have a hard time living up to everyone’s expectations after a debut novel as beautiful as this one.
  6. The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfield. I bought this because Sigmund Freud was in it. Set on the early 1900s, this unique unraveling of a crime through psychoanalysis was definitely one of my best choices. After reading this, I spent a day at work (petiks!) reading up on Freud and Carl Jung.
  7. Perfume by Patrick Suskind. This novel will take you through each page, scent by scent. It was made into a movie, which I still have to watch. The main character is the strangest anti-hero you’ll ever encounter. Everyone hates him, yet he holds so much fascination to the reader. This book is about smells, humanity, murder, and the oddest theory of the reason behind loving.
  8. In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant. Another Dunant book. I grabbed this as soon as I saw it stocked in Jarir. Thankfully, she did not disappoint us. Bonus attaraction of having the painting Venus of Urbino by Titian on the front cover. Fiammetta Bianchini’s story is told through the eyes of her companion dwarf: the destruction of Rome, their escape to Venice, and their incredible rise from poverty. After reading this, I had the same weird feeling I got after Memoirs of a Geisha. No girl ever grew up wanting to be a prostitute, but when you read about women like Fiammetta and Sayuri, our lives suddenly become disappointingly ordinary in comparison.
  9. The Full Cupboard of Life by Alexander McCall Smith. I got this in the Sale section, could you imagine!? Still very new, and still unread. This is my first McCall Smith book after being curious about his No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series for more than a year now.
  10. The last two, The Jinx by Theophile Gautier and The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, are old purchases that are still unfinished. I really need to get over my pseudo-ADD and get these done so I can review them properly.

This list does not include the borrowed books and ebooks that I’ve read.

Jiko and I also bought around a dozen Animorphs books (on sale) to add to our already extensive collection that we’ve had since my teenage years. Yes, those are preteen books but I’d read Animorphs over those silly Judith McNaught or Danielle Steel books any day. Besides, they’re funny! Especially the ones narrated by Aximili. Now that’s a piece of childishness still left in me.

[I really should stop bashing McNaught and Steel. *lol* But my opinion is not unfounded; I’ve read most of their works before deeming them bash-worthy.]

Speaking of shopping, I visited all the Mango stores we knew about looking for a pair of jeans my size. I’ve fallen in love with one of their simple, dark-blue, slim designs and I wanted it beyond anything else at that moment. BUT they don’t have my size! Why are most girls built like me!? I realized that we missed a couple of shops, the Olaya and Granada ones, while we were dragging ourselves all over Riyadh.

You know where I’ll be tomorrow night.

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