Undiagnosed Toe Illness

I made the critical error of wearing narrow-toed, four-inch spiky heels on a Monday. Monday is my busy day! My I-am-a-slave-to-walking day. On Mondays, I walk to the Postgraduate and back, praying that I’ll never run into QQ (our CED) who just happens to share the same hallway. So far, my animal fat sacrifices seem to have worked because no one’s firing me yet for breaking the dress code X thousand times.

This morning, I was asked by a room mate of a friend about where he could buy the OhMiBod. I sent the link to the official site while thinking “Does he think I use this!!??” *headesks* And, no! I only heard about this iPod acsexsory from someone else months ago. Oh, and did you know that Amazon sells used vibrators? Hahaha! Eew. Dip it in Clorox, dearie.

Anyway, back to my shoes. My toes must either be dead or enjoying unconsciousness. If doctors cut your digits when you get frostbite, do they cut your toes off from a high-heel induced coma?

I’m in a better temper than usual. I just decided to stop dieting and just eat what I want. Again. I’ve been looking sick and feeling tired every day for the past month even when I haven’t really done anything.

If only women didn’t have to wear these dratted abayas, I’d walk to and from work everyday. I might even stop riding cars and promote a healthy environment. As it is, I don’t want to look like a poor version of Batman–storming down the sidewalk with veils streaming behind me.

I completely forgot to dress in pink for tonight’s dinner. To make up for it, I’m wearing a tiny pink clip, which immediately buried itself under my hair. I’ll excuse my outfit while I apologize for my baby sister’s finger marks on the brownies.

I’d love to write more, but crabbiness is unbecoming. Plus, I have to pee. 🙂


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