The Hotness Equation in relation to F

Jessica Zafra explained this so well.

The Hotness Constant:

H = x/a, in which H is hotness, a is awareness, and x is the hotness constant which spells the difference between a man who is merely attractive and one who makes your chromosomes go boink, boink, boink.

The first time I saw F almost a year ago, I ran into him in the hall. He was tall, gangly, and seemed very unaware of his surroundings. My chromosomes responded accordingly and resulted in heart palpitations that would have made an EKG technician panic. I forgot where I was going but had enough presence of mind to count for 5 seconds after passing him before stopping and looking back.

He caught me looking and smiled.

I managed to overcome my embarrassment by telling myself that I probably won’t see this person anymore. The peace lasted for an hour until someone introduced us because I would be working with him.

He probably thinks I’m a twit.

But maybe not. After some observation, I concluded that F’s awareness factor seems to be surprisingly low. Practically negative. I told SY about this and she said the same thing: he just doesn’t have any idea that 90% of females working around him want to propose and mix DNA. Either that or he’s just really good at feigning innocence.

*clears throat*

I wrote this because F will be leaving again this weekend and all I got from the 3-week visit was a handshake (which should have been a hug but I lost my nerve). I checked my work email and found the folder where I stored all his messages to me while he was away. I still have to dissect every word and check for any hidden declarations and hints in between “My dear Stephanie”, “I miss you all” and “take care”. Or maybe he’s just polite.

My dorkiness never ceases to amaze me. 😀

Kuch is jealous but he can’t take girl’s crush away, can he? It’s all innocent fun after all. 🙂


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