I couldn’t let this go

Suddenly, I remembered that I had a blog.

I attempted to read in peace in my room but tranquility is always out of reach when Jiko and Sofia are around. It doesn’t matter that they are 75 kilos and 14 years apart; they will wrestle, scream, laugh, and create more noise than is legally possible while crushing my legs in the process.

I tried moving quietly to my parents’ bedroom but it was useless! They just followed me there and jumped over my lower back. I really have to check for slipped discs later.

When you have siblings that treat you like a trampoline (or a bean bag), it’s best to sleep at 8pm and wake up before dawn to do your reading. So that’s what I did: snuggling into my comforter at 3am while delving into Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.

The book is about everything. It’s set in the 1990’s, in an alternative world where cloning was perfected after WWII. It’s about our reason for living as the characters discover, along with reader, just why they are special. Is life really pointless or are all the hope and effort worth something? The events unfold slowly that one could get impatient sometimes but, in the end, the story is worth the wait.

I have never read any of Ishiguro’s other works but this book just convinced me to check them out for future reading material.

Thanks, J. I really liked this rec.


I have been a little busy the past few days doing my occasional mini muni-muni (soul-searching… sort of) and I’ve started something that will hopefully work out. Trish told me all about The Secret, the Universe, and the Laws of Attraction, and I figured that if the Universe helped me get straight hair through rebonding technology, then maybe I might reach this very important goal.

Kidding aside, I’m taking some things seriously this time. Too bad I can’t blog clearly about it as it has to be hush-hush for now.

Dieting fries my brain cells and distracts me from making muni so I had to eat reasonably for the past three days. This is an excellent excuse for binging on chocolate chip cookies. Have you tried the big, chunky, chewy ones in IKEA? Divine. *floats* But I think everything in their cafe is good. Cheap, too.


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