How do you spell Gabbana?

I’m so hungry I want to cry. But I missed the cafeteria by five minutes, they’re closed (I just want to buy an apple dagnabbit!), the stupid guy must have been deaf to not hear me banging on the service door, and I have to do something other than work to keep myself from snarling at someone.


  • The Devil Wears Prada. Too many people have raved and gushed about this film that I can’t really add anything original. But I have to note that Meryl Streep may not be a size zero but she managed to embody Miranda Priestly even more than the book-version of Miranda Priestly and I cannot imagine WHY she did not win the Academy Award for that role. But she probably has enough golden-naked-guy statuettes to decorate her bathroom.

    All the girls are gorgeously slim and if you find yourself struggling to maintain your (rabbit food) diet, just watch it again and again. I felt a little down because I thought I was a US size 8 and Anne Hathaway was supposed to be fat at size 6–the new 14. But my EU size is a 38 and I just discovered that it corresponds to… yes, a size 6. 🙂

  • Stormbreaker. I didn’t know what to expect, which was probably for the best. The action scenes in this teenage spy-thriller were pretty good. Sofia oohed and aahed at every spectacular stunt and even Jiko gave up pretending to sleep and joined us on the couch. It would have degenerated into a campy, unbearable type of movie like Spy Kids but the actors, especially Alex Pettyfer and Ewan McGregor, were serious enough to maintain the overall kitsch at a very low level.

    It was a little hard to understand certain parts of the dialogue when you have a baby sister who insists on loudly singing along with the soundtrack, but we somehow managed. Heh.

  • Pan’s Labyrinth. I saved the best for last. This fairy tale stays true to the original concept of the old stories: not light, safe, cotton-candy pretty like the sanitized children’s book versions but dark, sometimes creepy, violent, and incredibly fascinating. Ivana Baquero is spectacular as Princess Moanna/Ofelia and it’s not hard to identify with her even if we don’t live in Spain with a sadistic stepfather.

    Is the fairy tale true or was she merely Princess Moanna in her imagination? I think we would all like the fairy tale version to be real, and that Ofelia lived happily ever after in her magic kingdom.

My previous department wants to take me back. I don’t understand why Triple keeps on insisting in spite of repeated no’s from me. I really do not intend to transfer back but his persistence paid off a little and I agreed to “think about it”.

Random Kuchiness that made me smile:

From Sunday after landing:

K: I miss you! But I feel and look like crap.
Me: I’m sure you look great.
K: I haven’t showered since Friday!
Me: *lol* Um, I have Bvlgari cologne.
K: Bvlgari? What’s that?


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