I love Firefox so much I want to cry.

Was that statement geeky enough? Perhaps I’ll deliver more admirable geekiness when I finally get a new notebook and rave about Windows Vista. (J: It’s like XP only prettier!!!)

It amused me to learn that someone used to call me by a pretty nickname, used sarcastically of course. Thanks for the “compliment”, dear. Don’t worry, your exemplary use of wit was not lost in cyberspace. Someday, your worshippers might even afford to buy shovels to lower themselves down to your level and sniff the ends of your well-conditioned hair.

Enough of that shallowness. I’m only updating this blog because I’m too lazy to type out my 1001 in 101 Days Project list. I have the tasks in my head but it’s such a chore to actually put them on MS Excel and organize them into categories. But I know that, eventually, anal-retentiveness will triumph over laziness.

I actually spent Friday disinfecting, dusting, wiping, and vacuuming every surface in the room after I kicked both the X-tra Small and X-tra Large siblings out. Domestic goddess-ing was easy; I just pretended I was being paid by the hour.

I even sewed on a couple of buttons that fell off my shirt. My mother was so shocked by this sudden display of womanhood that she locked herself in the room and lay down the whole afternoon.

Wow, did that rhyme or what?


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