Budget flights, anyone?

Why do airline tickets have to be so effing expensive? Like Alet once said: “How will ordinary Pinoys ever experience international travel when the price of an airline ticket from Manila to New York equals the whole life savings of the average Filipino?”

That’s the economic pyramid for you.

And it’s election period. I suddenly hate all those stuffy trapos (traditional politicians) with their Swiss bank accounts and Tupperware smiles. Every election time, they publicize their platforms and it’s always “We champion the poor!” So far, the championed poor are still poor.

So where was I? Oh, yes, airline tickets. I do have a few suggestions for lowering ticket costs:

  1. Someone should seriously check out that car-that-runs-on-water invention. If it could work on land, then why shouldn’t it work in the air?
  2. LRT and MRT have a very successful system for dealing with overflow when the seats are filled: handholds. These low-cost synthetic loops hang from the ceilings and could support the weight of even the most obese rider. This is a great way to utilize aircraft aisles and increase revenue.
  3. Some countries (like Saudi Arabia) spend as much as 20 million US dollars to seed the clouds to make it rain. Commercial aircrafts could double as cloud-seeders during their routine flights. I call that the hitting-two-birds-with one-cost business plan.
  4. Meals should be stopped. They cost too much and taste crappy anyway. Look at all the overweight people populating the world! No wonder we’re experiences global warming; the earth is groaning from all the excess load. Flight attendants should serve only distilled water. Videos of Buddha’s amazing spirituality should be shown to distract from hunger and make the passengers appreciate bodily sacrifice.

[Oops, sorry. Was I a little politically incorrect here?]



2 thoughts on “Budget flights, anyone?

  1. you and daddy have the same rants right about now…DXB-MNL roundtrip at this peak rate costs anywehre between SAR/AED 2700-3200. There are 6 of us!

    Are you going there this summer??

  2. yes, i’ll be there in 6 weeks. =D

    i’ll be paying for my ticket this year since dad’s company can only pay for two kids. it wasn’t much of a choice, since sofia doesn’t have job yet and can’t buy hers. *lol*

    we once got mom a cathay pacific RUH-HK-MNL for 3300 SAR (which is about the same as dirhams). dad nearly collapsed. mega-peak season. =(

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