It strikes again

I went cologne shopping, Mom went underwear shopping, Jiko bought pizza, Sofia slept in the car, and Dad silently drove us all to our destinations. 😀

Dad was trained by the women in this family.

Anyway, as nothing really interesting happened to me this weekend, I thought I should write about Dweeb (see previous post). Yes, Dweeb with the amazingly thick skin who does not recognize polite insults. I thought he would shut up after reading my email, and I even felt a little sorry for him later. After all, he was probably just lonely and looking for new friends, awww. (lol)

But he did reply! And not only did he deny any naughtiness beneath his emails to Rachelle, he also asked if he and I could be “constant chit-chatterers”. Me! His officemate’s frosty ex-girlfriend and writer of the aforementioned subtly-insulting email. *headesks* I give up.

No, Dweeb, we cannot correspond habitually. Nor will I send you any “educational and informative messages” to encourage your petiks activities. And, no, I will not give you my phone number and you may not call me at work.

However, I do thank you for calling me beautiful. I’m still a bit mystified as to how you reached this opinion seeing that we’ve never even met. Unless Jet left random pictures of me in your office. Or you inexplicably sensed pretty-vibes from my email font.

I need to sleep.


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