BI Reunion

Trish just returned from her Singapore trip with Mina. She managed to combine sight-seeing, visiting Alet, and having fun that I’m now positively GREEN with ENVY and contrast prettily with my purple shirt.

[That’s it. I’m going by the end of June and, Tricia (!), you better come with me so we can roam around while Alet’s working. It’s worth another trip, I’m sure.]

Of course, Trish is now in Makati so she had to tell me all the details, including the blackmail-able stuff, over Gmail and Google-chat as we still haven’t outgrown our college student cheapness.

alet, trish, & me
Trish and Alet are friends I will keep on writing, calling, and visiting no matter where they are until someone has to carry me to the plane because the three of us are so alike yet manage to be different enough for us to never get bored with each other. Aside from the fact that we’ve actually lived with each other for years and know each other so well down to the scent of our pillows and bra sizes, we’re all so open-minded that we’re incapable of feeling shocked over any scandalous piece of information that we share.

Now you know who I’m Gmailing every time I do petiks at work. }😀

J finally made a blog, and he has a few of his cartoons up! 😀 I the dinosaur ones, especially this:

It reminds me of one conversation I had with Tricia. It involves T-rexes, evolution, chicken wings, and bone structure. We were eating in McDonalds and all the grease might have made everything I said believable. 🙂 I think I just found their missing link.


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