Detox, Day 1

I think all women have Body Dysmorphic Disorder in different degrees. There are those who’re so disturbed by it that they develop anorexia or bulimia. And there are women like me, who only occasionally think about going on a diet.

I don’t have a perfect bod (far from Jessica Alba, pity) but I’m normally okay with the way I look and I eat what I want when I feel like it. I don’t usually let the loss or gain of a few pounds bother me as I believe what the svelte French women say: “Your clothes will tell you the truth“.

This time, my jeans did impart disturbing news as I could hardly fit into them last weekend. After a day of agonizing (To diet or not to diet), I decided to treat myself to one last binge and ate half a pan of brownies before getting into what I call my Detox Phase.

A week of vegetables and fruits. No fattening salad dressings (goodbye honey-mustard), no desserts, no fried processed meats, no tuna in oil, and most especially… no chocolate.

I also noticed something odd about myself: I have a Philippine-weight and a Riyadh-weight. Whenever I go on vacation to the Philippines, I tend to spoil myself by gorging on foods that I almost never get to eat here. And I always lose 10 pounds no matter what! I guess it’s all the walking I have to do and the humid climate that certifies eternal sweating even in air-conditioned rooms. And as soon as I get back to Riyadh, BAM! The 10 pounds are back with a vengeance even if I cut my food intake in half.

Continental drift, maybe?


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