Jarir just mailed Dad his new discount card, exactly one day after the old one expired. And I, being the bookstore-addicted daughter, immediately took it from him. Last Thursday became book-shopping day, and since all five of us went along, my debit card still feels the shock (even with 10% off).


I finally got a copy of Perfume by Patrick Suskind. I’m still midway through the book, which doesn’t give me any right to write a half-decent review. But I know enough to say that the story is completely unique. Sensually morbid, really. 🙂

One of the main reasons why we went to Granada was to get new glasses for Jiko. I was surprised to discover that prescription lenses and frames cost so much more than sunglasses. Even very simple-looking affairs could create meteor-craters in one’s pockets. And I was almost ready to devote myself to glasses after falling in love with a pair of Dior frames.

Unfortunately, these beauties cost 1,100 SR at Magrabi (or is it Maghrabi?). *sigh* No thanks.

I recommended that J read The Sartorialist and Postsecret. They made such an impression on him that he started checking out other blogs during work lag times instead of secretly chatting with me. Apparently, I have created a monster. 🙂

He, in turn, showed me this nice cartoon blog: Harold’s Planet. They’re from the makers of Lastlemon, which I’ve learned to love as well. An email subscription for both isn’t bad for the office-worker’s soul.

Here’s a sample from Harold’s Planet:

And this is from Lastlemon:

J sent me the previous cartoon. I couldn’t resist replying:

Me: But I ask about the car model first. Then I ask about the color.
J: lol
Me: So does that mean that I’m bi?
J: I’m neutral. I say “Oh, really”.
Me: So I’m bi and you’re sexless.
J: Ouch!



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