I’m still having heart palpitations over 300. One doesn’t watch it, one experiences it.

I slept, I woke up… and was still so distracted that I accidentally wore a rather loud, flowery pajama-top to work.

Zack Snyder’s film was adapted from Frank Miller’s (of Sin City fame) graphic novel of the same title. Basically, it’s about the Spartans’ last stand during the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC. King Leonidas I (Gerard Butler) led his three hundred finest men into a suicide battle to stop the Persian King Xerxes and his millions of troops from invading Sparta.

I’m not very good with movie or book reviews because I’m hardly coherent, especially when all I want to say is “WHOA! Theviolenceissobloodyamazing! o_o Youbetterwatchthisorelse! 111!!!

But I’ll try my best to list down a few things that I loved about the film.

  1. The outfits. I know that Sparta was completely different from artistic Athens so simplicity was expected. But I didn’t know that gorgeous men with sculpted abs fought in their underwear. With red capes.

    Now that’s what I call military uniforms. In fairness, even the women wore basic but chica clothes. Lena Heady made a very sexy Queen Gorgo, and the gyrating Delphic Oracle deserves to have her dance immortalized in screensavers.

  2. Xerxes and the Persian army. Now he was a class of his own. Rodrigo Santoro’s performance was pretty good; he definitely knew how to emit the majestically over-confident vibes. Snyder portrayed the God-King as larger than life; a beautiful, terrible giant. Theoretically, heavy make-up on a muscular man, Cherie Gil eyebrows, plus lots of piercings and chain jewelry should look bad. But Xerxes carries it all in stride while riding his portable throne, which is as big as a cottage. Here is a picture of Santoro without the make-up and one of him as Xerxes. The wonders of cosmetics truly amazes me.

  3. Queen Gorgo’s subplot. Snyder deviated slightly from Miller’s graphic novel by giving Queen Gorgo a more significant role and stronger characterization. She was the one left behind at Sparta and took it upon herself to convince the Council to send the whole army over to fight the Persians. I could feel her disgust while submitting herself to the traitor Theron, believing that he would assist her campaign, and her anger at his betrayal that I nearly cheered out loud when she finally killed him by stabbing him twice with a sword in front of all those politicians.
  4. All the quotable lines:
    • Messenger: A thousand nations of the Persian empire descend upon you. Our arrows will blot out the sun.
      Stelios: Then we will fight in the shade.
    • Theron: It is the law my lord, the Spartan army must not go to war.
      King Leonidas: And no shall we. I’ve said no such order. I’m here, just taking a stroll, stretching my legs… [pauses and looks back]
      King Leonidas: …Those are my 300 personal bodyguards.
    • Messenger: Who does this woman think she is that she can speak among men?
      Queen Gorgo: Because only Spartan women give birth to real men.
  5. The atmosphere. You could feel yourself being transported back in time–a big, expensive, plasma widesreen is not necessary. It’s all good old technology and special-effects.

Now you better watch it. Because I don’t want to ruin a perfectly good film by saying too much. (Besides, I was running out of lines.) 😀


5 thoughts on “Theviolenceissoamazing

  1. great film 😀 made me want to watch a documentary about the actual events, and work out more ha ha 😛

  2. I myself was motivated to read about the battle and events that succeeded it. It turned out that Leonidas I was Queen Gorgo’s half-uncle. Eew. Haha…

    Oh, and you’re so right about the working out part. =D Their abs made me feel self-conscious.

  3. I wathced this on SM centerstage last month i guess 🙂 I actually had a blogpost about this 🙂 hope you’re doing great! Ingat! 300 rocks!

  4. vinz:
    ah, yes. the one you told me about. patingin naman. =)

    unfortunately, this is the only country where there are no public theatres. so we get everything late here (unless you download stuff). i miss pinas movie theatres.
    i’ll check out your post. i’d love to read what others have to say about that film. thanks! =)

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