My two-year old sister, Sofia, is the smartest, cutest, and most fantastic baby around. (Hindi masyado biased daw, hehe.) But she can also be the most trying child sometimes. Especially when I just arrive from the office after a long work-week and my patience wears thin.

After several unsuccessful attempts to threaten her (no reaction) and punish her by taking her stuffed Barney (she pinched my leg, I howled and let go of Barney), I suddenly remembered something I heard from TV by some bigshot child psychologist:

“When talking to children, make things simple and clear.”

Sofia is inordinately fond of playing with electric sockets or adapters and we all know how dangerous that could be. Seeing that cries of “NO BABY! DO NOT TOUCH THAT!” never seemed to work, I made her sit on my lap, and earnestly told her:

Baby, that (points to adapter) is very dangerous. It has electricity. If you touch that, it could enter your body and hurt you. It’ll be very, very painful at first then… BOOM! No more baby.

It worked. 😀

[Ate Steffi and Baby Sofia]


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