The first Steffi-proof mug

I was born clumsy. Kuch maintains that I’ve never learned how to walk properly in heels (even if I wear them everyday). And since he had to brush the sand and dust off my knees and legs after my last ultra-spectacular public fall, I can’t contradict that with my usual confidence. πŸ˜€

Yesterday, I brought my new glass mug to work because I was tired of using my Starbucks tumbler for everything. It’s big, made of clear glass, and has yellow and orange retro-flower designs all over it. I even wrote my name in black permanent marker on the base: “Stephanie πŸ™‚“. So you if you see any Chairmans, Consultants, Fellows, Residents, or shameless departmental trespassers with MY mug, call me.

Anyway, before I even got to put real Maxwell sludge in it, the mug slipped off my hand, landed hard on the countertop, bounced off it and crash-landed on the pantry floor with hard BANG! I expected it to shatter and break in a thousand little pieces, but even after I’ve stared at it with my mouth open for 5 seconds… it just lay there, alive. And whole.

Luminarc must be the coolest mug-maker ever. I’m now incredibly motivated to buy their retro blue flatware set. πŸ˜‰

To complete the geeky office coolness that was yesterday, I…

  • Ruined my Vincci heels by running around too much. The gold link bent, so I used my teeth to bite it back into shape.
  • I was immensely offended by a consultant during one, um, encounter. He felt the daggers digging in his back and nearly had a nosebleed because my eyes were “too expressive”. So he apologized profusely and told me just how deeply he respected me and promised to buy me a gift. *hehe*
  • Kilig email of the day: My ex-crush said that he would be visiting from Canada for three weeks next month. He also wanted to know if I liked anything so he could buy it for me. How sweet. πŸ˜€
  • Jeremy gave me ebook versions of all of Terry Pratchett’s works. I started to read The Light Fantastic but couldn’t concentrate because Sofia played her Barney songs CD and started singing “I-love-you-You-love-me” at the top of her lungs. Apparently, geisha-purple-dinosaur franchises are still hottt items for this generation.

That’s about it. Oh, and I want this (click on pic):


3 thoughts on “The first Steffi-proof mug

  1. Hei! First of all thanks for referring one of my posts to chuvaness.

    I was born clumsy too. I thought that I would get better after awhile but 😦

    I hope you’d have a great time with your friend who is visiting next month. Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. hi al! you’re welcome. =) you read chuvaness regularly too? i love her blog, it’s so kikay and pinay. =)

    thanks, you have a great day there!

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