Half of what I say is meaningless
But I say it just to reach you, Julia
Julia, Julia, oceanchild, calls me
So I sing a song of love, Julia


I took the above lines from a comment left in the blog of Julia Campbell. For those who have not been following the news in the Philippines, Julia was a Peace Corps volunteer who was tragically killed while hiking in the Banaue Rice Terraces. (source)

While reading her entries, it’s hard to identify the vibrant woman who is so enthusiastic and happy about her work to the videos of the body bag that I’ve seen in the news. But the reality is harsh: Julia was killed in the country she had selflessly chosen to serve.

Imprisonment is not enough punishment for the persons who made her last moments on earth so horrible. Bakit nga ba nauunang mamatay yung mga mababait?

I know very little about her, but I really wish I could have met her. It amazes me that a woman who seemed to have been living the life that I wanted would decide to pack her bags and work for free in a strange country–far from the comforts of her home. Julia’s blog posts show a refreshing insight into her personality; she could speak Tagalog, she braved typhoons Reming and Milenyo with the locals, she has an ongoing marine ecology project… the list goes on.

For someone who had so much passion for serving others,
Julia, may you find peace in eternity.


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