Postsecret fun

I’m enjoying Postsecret. KSA decided to unblock the blogger pics so I can see all the fantastic postcards with their naughty secrets on them. I’m tempted to buy the books from Amazon. Well… almost. 😀

This particular postcard bothered Jeremy:

J: How can he or she betray God?
Me: By breaking His trust, I suppose.
J: But disobeying would have been a better word than betraying!

The Grammatical Tickling Gods strike again. My favorite is still the “Sleeping with her Dentist” card. What an ingenious way to use a card that was originally intended for kids. (Open wide? *dies*)

Maybe I should send a postcard to Frank Warren. Or two, or three. 🙂

One Arab News photographer was nice enough to send me some pics from the recently concluded ADHD Festival last Thursday. This first one shows the children in the Arts & Crafts section. I’m a tiny dot at the back.

I don’t like this second picture. I look fugly with big hair (from the rainy weather). But it shows me making a butterfly illustration on a paper plate for one of the girls.

This last pretty pic was taken by Jeremy during his 1-hour walk in the rain. The rainbow disappears behind the still-unfinished Al Babtain building.


3 thoughts on “Postsecret fun

  1. JJ,

    You’re welcome. =) I like to keep track of my real-life and online friends this way.


    Sabagay. Then it would be a betrayal because he/she would have been married to God. Still, if the person was a nun or a priest, then he/she shouldn’t be worried about having sex then… because he/she can’t! =D

    – Steffi

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