Wholesome Fun (for real)

I spent the whole Thursday afternoon doing volunteer work for the ADHD Family Festival Day here at King Faisal. After I got tired of hanging balloons on trees, I settled with the Arts & Crafts section with the kids.

There were so many children! Good thing Hala brought a lot of stuff for them to use. I supervised one of the tables and met so many kids that I don’t remember most of their names anymore. I started doing illustrations by request for them to color (mostly by the girls) and they became an instant hit, especially the butterflies and princesses. My hand still hurts from the hard-to-use glitter bottles.
Note to self: Never ever try to do calligraphy with glitter bottles again. Bring Magic Markers next time.

Our section was probably the most successful part of the festival. Even when it rained, we just moved into the large tent and continued where we left off. I worked with a couple of preteen girls who were obsessed with Jesse “he’s-the-cutest-boy-on-earth” McCartney. They were making JMAC plates with gems and glitter and they totally flipped when I told them that a guy once sang She’s No You to me. I didn’t tell them that it was mostly in falsetto. 😀

Everyone had such a great time and I really enjoyed volunteering that I promised to help if Hala ever pushes through with her monthly art activities for the children. Teaching kids how to draw was something I’ve always wanted to do.

I left after everyone transferred to the PGC so I could still go shopping with my family. Jiko and I discovered Firehouse. Their cheesesteak sandwiches are quite different from Kudu’s but they’re just around the same price. And they’re very very good. (Yum!) I’ve obviously regained my appetite. 🙂

I left my mobile at home the whole day and I had to call Kuch from my workphone to warn him that Mom sounds exactly like me and she’d probably pick up my phone when it rings. It wouldn’t do for her to hear an unexpected and very male “Hello baby! *mwah*” from a contact with a female name. *sigh* Maybe I really need that Ginkgo Biloba.

Speaking of Kuch, I just told him that I’m worried about his lifestyle. Because of this country’s rules, we can’t be together often and I don’t really want him to get into trouble especially after his (assy) boss gave that warning. He misunderstood my concern and told me that he had me “visualized” the whole time–even during hubbly bubbly moments. Geez. Maybe I have to reread The Secret Lives of Men. Or that Mars Venus book, at least.

7 thoughts on “Wholesome Fun (for real)

  1. i used to take gingko biloba back in the day. it works!!!!

    but i think i have a side effect with it.. lol i remember too much.

    i should start taking it again.. you’ll notice the effect when you’ve been taking it for more than a month or two 🙂

  2. vinz,

    haha! seriously, my memory’s off. and what’s wrong with remembering too much? remind me not to bring you along when i have to do something illegal.


    i live in riyadh and there’s a branch here. are you in manila? i’m not sure if it’s available in the philippines.

    a friend told me about quizno’s, too. i have to try that.


  3. Oh ok. Is that the same Firehouse where they serve subs? I thought you were here in Manila. 🙂 I seriously wish subway would have some competition here in the PI. We should have quiznos!

  4. yes, they serve subs. =) their cheesesteak sandwiches are good. i love subways, too, but they do have a monopoly there in manila. and they cost a lot, hahaha. =D sana may mag-franchise ng quiznos or some other place.

    i do live in pinas… sometimes. i attended university there at ateneo a few years ago. but i’ve lived most of my life here at Riyadh, KSA. people think it’s odd. =D

  5. illegal.. now i remember an incident where someone ducked at the back of our car while there were police and security guards about… hmm now who could that be?

  6. vinz,

    excuuuse me. i didn’t duck. you and nescel were fighting because she was panicking about getting caught. and you were yelling back. *lol*

    wait… are we talking about the same incident?

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