Outdoor Walking

I used to work in a department where the director, whom we fondly call “Triple”, was so fond of meetings that he’d create committees, which eventually spawned subcommittees, just for fun. Now I’m in one where the Interim Chairman used to be a really friendly, jolly guy but he’s now sooo stressed that he spends his time snapping at us. It’s fine with me, I don’t care. He’ll regain his temper once he lets go of the job that was foisted upon him in the first place.

I’ve been too easygoing lately. I need more discipline, especially at work. Last week was a sleepy blur and I really need to shape up. 😛

I’ve revived my walking habit and successfully forced my whole family to adopt it as well. I would really, really love to jog around KFMC (our regular place) but I have to wear the abaya there since it’s “public”. And it’s not exactly as fetching as Superman’s cape. 😀


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