Skechers meets Venus

We were supposed to go walking last night but I complained that my Nike’s hurt my feet. When one wears heels everyday, wearing flat, true-to-life, thick, running shoes makes one feel awkwardly tilted. So Dad conceded to take me shoe shopping and I picked up a pair of Skechers Outburst in white and pink.

Of course everyone knows that one has to properly break in new shoes so we didn’t go walking. I wore them to work today, instead. 🙂

I was struck by insomnia and continued my reading to get me to sleep. I finished all of “Going Postal” by Terry Pratchett (Moist cheated death, saved the post office, and got the girl!).

And when I still lay there wide-eyed, I hit “The Birth of Venus” by Sarah Dunant. I was so engrossed that the next thing I knew, it was morning!

I’m surviving on pure caffeine power. Expect shaking jelly legs by 3pm.

I haven’t finished Alessandra Cecchi’s story yet but I have a feeling that it’ll have a not-so-perfect ending (no cake, trumpets, and pink confetti). All the grand stories are like that.


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