Summit (Bwisit)

Not all phone calls bring good news.

Dad: I can’t go home. All the roads are blocked.
Me: What!?
Dad: I’ll probably return late tonight. So this means I won’t be able to take you to your friends.

WAAAAAH! Stupid Gulf Summit! The Government hates me. Why did they have to completely block off the roads leading to and from my area? Now I had to cancel the picnic-date with Kuchi and my friends when we’ve all been looking forward to it. And it’s so hard to reschedule! I shouldn’t have taken the days off; at least I would’ve been there already and not here stuck at home.

I’m so pissed. I could be stubborn and walk to Faisal. Unfortunately, my Iqama still reads “Dependent” the last time I checked so I still have to obey all formal and informal rules (basically act and live like a 13-year old).

And Kuch wanted to bring Dominos. Cinna Stix.


3 thoughts on “Summit (Bwisit)

  1. heyyy.. read The Dreaming in my multiply.. i wrote the first part last year and then repackaged it..

    inserted a few lines i didn’t include and wrote the second entry a while ago. i think it’s nice ^_^ Neil Gaiman gave me an idea about the fonts and colors etc. hehehe

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