Hello Moto

I have a new baby.

After 8 years of staying loyal and true to Nokia, I suddenly decided to get a Moto Razr V3x. I went to the store knowing that I (kind of) needed a new phone but I didn’t have a particular model in mind. I would have liked one of those PDA types but the prospect of shelling out too much made me cringe. I knew I had to spend at least 1200 SR with the necessary specs I had in mind (particularly 3G) and I almost bought a Sony Ericsson until they showed me this Motorola. It has everything I need and I only got it for 800+. And it’s pink! Haha… How masculine. 😛

See the specs here.

After writing this entry, I realized that I’ve been working for more than an hour and I haven’t even combed my hair. It’s all wet, long and gnarly. Nabuhay si Gagay.


2 thoughts on “Hello Moto

  1. I think the one from last year was the Razr V3. No 3G yet. Hehe. I really love this one, simple but nice. 🙂 I wanted the Ericsson P990i but (grabe!) ang mahal. I’d rather spend the money on a plane ticket to Europe or Singapore.

    And I love the features of your phone! It’s flip pa, so cute. =D

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