I’m a light eater, I never eat in the dark.

Abby spent only a few hours with us here at work and instantly got infected. She said Neuro was populated by well-dressed neurotics. And it’s contagious. 😀 It didn’t help that she saw our supervisor kick my knee and try to make me collapse in the hallway.

Just a few minutes ago, Jeremy complained that the doorknob must be rigged because he keeps on getting zapped whenever he touches it.

J: I think it’s my chair.
Me: Or maybe the door’s a girl and she doesn’t like you.

He insisted that I try it out so I spent a few minutes (giggling) sitting on his chair and rolling around, pretending to be him. After which I stood and ran to the door and-


Me: Whoa… I got zapped!
J: No way.

Tita Vil: What’s wrong?
J: My chair and the door are having an affair and I’m caught in the crossfire!


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