I just realized that there’s a downside to dating athletic-types.

At first, I thought I was so lucky to actually find a smart one. There’s great conversation, and when he’s somewhere playing basketball / volleyball / softball /rugby, he burns off excess stress and testorone by bonding and roaring with the guys so I almost never catch him in a bad mood.

He asked me what I do during my free time. Aside from work, I have my org activities, my reading, illustration/painting time, bonding with friends and family. I don’t like TV and I’m not a couch potato. The point is: I end up doing things that I like. In fact, I often feel that I still don’t have enough time to catch up with all my friends, finish my reading lists, do my design and blogging stuff, fill my sketchbooks, and write the stories in my head.

Then he said: “You need to do more physical activity. You do nothing the whole day!”

Nothing??? So if I can’t play squat when it comes to sports, does it mean that all I do amounts to nothing?! The truth is, I’m so sick and tired of hearing the same thing from other people. I do exercise; I walk a lot and I work out at home. It’s just that I’ve never been a sport-oriented person but this doesn’t mean that I’m less of an achiever.

The next time he complains about my supposed chronic laziness, I’ll tell everyone he plucks his eyebrows (I-don’t-want-a-unibrow my foot) and destroy his machosexual image. 😀


Friendly-friend. It’s a term coined by Rhea when she was making fun of me. Kuch liked it so much that he wanted us to call each other that (lol).

FF: Hi, Friendly-friend.

Me: I want a tattoo.

FF: What is it going to be, a flooooweeer?

Me: Sira! I’m not that corny!

FF: Hahahaha!!!

Me: Nakakainis ka! I don’t like you anymore. I want another Friendly-friend.

FF: Ganun. Talaga?

Me: Your Steff-accent is horrible.


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