On Blogging and Meanness

My sidebar is so full of bloggista-chuva. It’s not quite as extensive as Bulletproof Vest’s or The Wily Flipino’s but it’s a far cry from my first attempts at blogging six years ago when I could barely understand css and I thought five links on my sidebar was enough for site personality.

I started out at Livejournal, kept it for three years, and, in my opinion, it’s still one of the best blogging sites around. I transferred to Myspace due to peer pressure and stayed for a little more than a year before I finally settled on Blogger. This one’s harder to control than LJ and is less high-tech than Multiply but I think I’m sticking to this (for now). I blog because I want to write and I think Blogger focuses more on the written content than a site like Multiply that, with its various multimedia features, is more like a souped-up version of Friendster. Besides, I’m already linked on other blogs and registered this one at MyBlogLog, Technorati, etc. It’s a pain in the ass to change links.

Still, I’m a delinquent Multiply-er. 🙂 My archive’s almost empty and I only use it to post comments on some of my friends’ blogs over there. Maybe one of these days I’ll find the time to upload multimedia.


I’ve been watching so much anime that I almost learned to think in Japanese. I detest dubbed series. I’ve learned to deal with subtitles (even the ones with shitty translation) because it’s worth hearing the original seiyuus’ voices.


There is a distinct difference between being opinionated and being mean.

Being frank and outspoken seems to be the trend these days and people try to create that impression on their blogs, profiles, Friendster, and MS pages. Some even try to be badass and declare that “this is my space so I can write about what I want”.

Fine, fine… we all advocate freedom of speech. But when one crosses the line and speaks or writes about someone with malice, then that’s not an opinion, dear. You’re just being plain mean. Since when has rampant bullying (on the Net and in real-life) been regarded as a form of freedom of expression?

I can’t force anyone to practice simple courtesy when they obviously rejoice in their callousness. But people do regard you based on the way you treat others. 🙂


One thought on “On Blogging and Meanness

  1. Hi, Steffisan,

    Thanks for the link, and for dropping by the blog.

    If you ever see me online on meebo, drop me a line. Would like to chat a bit.



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